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Flights to Uruguay

Uruguay has both regular flights from Buenos Aires, Argentina and from many foreign countries. There are also domestic flights between major cities, although the distances are short.

Its main airport is Carrasco (Montevideo) operating 24 hours. 365 days of the year. Although this is a small airport, its facilities are very modern and has all the necessary services for both internal and external tourism: currency exchange, meals area, free shop, shops, car rental and transportation, office phone Antel, Assist Card office, luggage, and hairdressing. It also has a VIP room and office of the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay.

Major airlines operating in this airport are: Aerolíneas Argentinas, Gol, TAM Airlines (Airline Uruguayan), Sol Airlines, BQB, Lan, Tam and Iberia.

A total of 13 airports nationwide. International airports are Carrasco (Montevideo), Angel, S. Adami (Montevideo), Laguna del Sauce (Punta del Este), the Jaguel (Punta del Este), Cologne, Sauce, Melilla, Santa Bernardina (Peach) and Rivera. But they also have Paysandú airport locations, Cerro Largo (Melo), Artigas and Tacuarembó. The latter is reached after a stopover locations in Montevideo.

The main airport is Coastal Colonia del Sacramento and the second jump. In the downtown area of the country is the main Carrasco (on the coast) and peach in the middle of the second Uruguayan territory. A third strategic airport in the downtown area which is to Rivera on the border with Brazil. The beach area is accessed via the two airports of Punta del Este Rocha or airfield.
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