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Uruguay, officially Oriental Republic of Uruguay, is a country in South America, located in the eastern part of the Southern Cone. Bordered on the east by Brazil (state of Rio Grande do Sul), the west by Argentina (provinces of Entre Ríos and Corrientes), and has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast and along the Rio de la Plata to the south. It covers 176 000 km. being the second smallest country in South America in terms of territory, after Suriname. It has a temperate climate.

The estimated population for 2010 is 3.4 million representing the tenth largest population among the countries of South America.
The capital and largest city of the country is Montevideo, with 1.4 million inhabitants, whose metropolitan area reaches nearly two million which corresponds to 58.8% of the national total. He is a member of the United Nations, Mercosur, the OAS, UNASUR and the G77, among others. It is a presidential republic divided into 19 departments and 89 municipalities.

The current Uruguayan territory was known at first as Banda Oriental (which also includes part of the current Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul). This name comes from its location, being on the east (or east) of the Uruguay River and north of the Rio de la Plata, being the easternmost land of the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. On August 28, 1828 signed the Preliminary Peace Convention which established the creation of an independent state, although no official name. The first name of the current Republic of Uruguay was "state of Uruguay". This name was given to the country by the first Constitution promulgated on June 28, 1830 and sworn by the people on July 18 of that year.

For its latitude, between 30 ° S and 35 ° S, the four seasons are clearly differentiated by temperature.
The maximum and minimum temperatures in summer (January) in Montevideo are 28 ° C and 17 ° C respectively, with a maximum of 43 ° C, similar indicators for the city of Salto is 49 ° C and 18 ° C. The maximum and average minimum in winter (July) in Montevideo are 14 ° C and 6 ° C respectively, while the high humidity makes the wind chill is colder, the lowest temperature recorded in Montevideo is _5, 4th C.
Frosts are common in winter throughout the country, but also occur in autumn and spring. The sleet and hail are events that occur almost every winter.
The winters in the northwest are more moderate, with maximum and minimum of 18 ° C and 7 ° C in Salto.
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