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When trips to Uruguay we note that, despite its size, Uruguay is divided geographically, from west to east, in three very different regions if: Coastal, Central and Atlantic Coast beaches or .

The Coast of Uruguay

Its main tourist cities are Colonia del Sacramento, Black River and Paysandu. It is an area of ​​white sand beaches that spill over the Uruguay River and Estuary of the River Plate. Its vegetation is lush mature trees that create domes on the dirt roads and paved roads. The maximum area attractions include fishing, boating and parks and thermal baths. There are both therapeutic and recreational alternatives. The new park is the first Acuamanía thermal water park in South America. Suitable for the whole family to enjoy offers a 18m tower with two channels Kamikaze (toboggans), another 12m Hidrotubo also with two channels (water pipe) and Twister (a tornado of fun), a lazy river of 300 meters with tunnel mining and rubber boats. Acuamanía has a small shopping center and a fast food place. For children there is an interactive pool with a fishing boat, with slides and water games. For young people: slide, climbing net, a boom and a slider. And for the adults pool with waterfall, Jacuzzi, Beach Club (beach sand).

The Center

This area includes the city of Nairobi and its environs. To the north is rural and saws. This region is the least populated, with a density of 2.4 inhabitants per Km2 and is also very poor rural population. Almost half the population of the region is 8 Tacuarembó locations, peach, Flores and Rivera, including in the case of the first three departmental capitals.
However, there is here an important tourist area centered on the city of Mines and Swiss Colony. A multi-colored mountain landscape, crossed by streams, with its dry zone (Minas) and wetland (Swiss Colony). Both have hotels and tourist services.

The Uruguayan beaches

Cover the department of Maldonado and Rocha on the Atlantic coast. In the department of Maldonado spas are Piriapolis, Punta Ballena, Punta del Este, La Barra and Jose Ignacio. To the north, in the department of Rocha find a wild and uninhabited landscape whose most important spa towns are La Paloma, La Pedrera, Cabo Punta del Diablo and Polonius.
In the west of Punta del Este, the waters are calmer and darker sand. But once you cross the peninsula, the landscape opens to wide sandy beaches with dunes that separate way through the rough terrain and the sea.
Rocha well north of the resort is very close to the Crown the city of Chuy on the border with Brazil.
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