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Tours en Uruguay

Tours in Uruguay cover the cities of Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo and Punta del Este. There are also much in demand tours to the city of Chuy, a spot of shopping in the eastern border with Brazil.

The tour includes Colonia del Sacramento appreciation of the ancient city-seventeenth century Portuguese has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its well-preserved architectural wealth. This is a memorable ride all day to meet its stone streets, ancient buildings, remains of fortifications and museums Spanish and Portuguese. The visit includes, in turn, the center, the port area, Ferrando Beach, Forest Reserve, its beautiful waterfront 'Avenue'. The purpose of the tour is the residential area of ​​San Carlos Real, appreciating that place the "Plaza de Toros", the Basque Paleta Fronton, the Hippodrome and the Old Pier.

Montevideo also offers city tours covering the highlights of the capital city of Uruguay. The Montevideo offers numerous tours among which are: The wine route, Montevideo by night tour of the neighborhoods in old bus, Paseo responsible tourism, cultural and historical tours.
These tours, both municipal and private offer us also walk La Rambla and its beaches for walking or cycling.
The Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Plaza Matrix, the Mercado del Puerto - architectural reminders of a past exquisite - and curiosities flea market "Tristan Narvaja" coexist with a present of galleries, art centers, shopping centers and antique international level.

The city tour of Punta del Este invites you to visit the main tourist resort and the most exclusive neighborhoods in the country. Among them: the mall and the main avenues, the marina, the corner of the four seas, the Candelaria Church, the Lighthouse, the Paseo de las Americas and the sculpture of the hand, the Playa Brava and its waterfront to La Barra, Wavy Bridges, sumptuous residential neighborhoods: San Rafael, El Golf and Beverly Hills, the neighborhood and the promenade Pinares and Mansa beaches to Punta Ballenas.
The last stop is on Casapueblo, a unique complex designed by Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Vilaro, which houses an art gallery, a museum and an upscale hotel.

Besides the mall, the Chuy offers other attractions. La Barra del Chuy, just minutes from the city, is the most oceanic spa Uruguay. Its open sea and huge dunes are a clear sign that from here change the geography. Strength is not nothing but an old war fort and logistics is within the Santa Teresa National Park, surrounded by palm trees, dunes and with an exclusive view over the Atlantic Ocean. The presence of sea turtles in the northern coasts are becoming Uruguayan today and may be lucky enough to spot them back.

In the resorts of the Uruguayan Atlantic Coast services will also find mini tours. An excellent example is the 4x4 adventure tour that takes knowing the big dunes of Cabo Polonio impenetrable.
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