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The language in Uruguay

The languages ​​spoken are Spanish in Uruguay and appreciative riverense, a dialect of Portuguese, neither has constitutional recognition. Spanish has variants and influences as all languages; emerging terms or expressions that identify each point Uruguayan country. The Castilian spoken in Uruguay is a variant of River Plate Spanish, Castilian dialect of the language spoken in the area of ​​the Rio de la Plata, in Argentina and Uruguay and other neighboring regions.

The Castilian or Spanish River Plate River Plate is a dialect of Castilian or Spanish language spoken in the area of ​​the Rio de la Plata, in Argentina and Uruguay, and other nearby regions.
In general, except in regions showing strong links of communication with other countries, such as the borders with Paraguay and Brazil, where the influences of other dialects of Spanish or Portuguese are remarkable-or areas with a relatively stable population before the waves of immigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries-long tradition of mixed-, is the most widespread form of Spanish in the region.

In the border region with Brazil's department of Rocha and Maldonado parts, is a variant of Spanish speaking rioplatense that ignores the voseo in favor of familiarity, that is supposedly characteristic Castilian origin of the original population but still the variety of Portuguese in southern Brazil, a variety that uses archaic familiarity (and ignores the voseo that is the rule in modern Portuguese) can assume the influence border.

There in the northern region of Uruguay a number of variants of Portuguese scientist called "Portuguese dialects of Uruguay". His best known variant is called Portuñol riverense (no relation to the appreciative, the simple mixture of Portuguese and Spanish) is spoken on the border between Uruguay and Brazil, and more specifically in the twin cities of Rivera and Santana do Livramento, also between the cities of Artigas and Quarai, and Chuy. They use such language only Uruguayan citizens.

Besides the Spanish in public education is taught in English which begins in the last school year (6th grade school) in order to provide basic knowledge and a basis for the English High School, people who have a good level of English can give evidence to exonerate language school in 6th.
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